Social nudist culture and lingo…

Why do people choose clothing-optional recreation?

    Relaxation, stress relief, positive body image, and increasing self-esteem — there are many reasons for choosing clothing-optional and clothing free recreation. At over 230 AANR affiliated clubs, resorts, and RV campgrounds you will meet doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, taxi drivers, housewives, and possibly your next door neighbor.

How will I feel on the first visit to a club event?

  • At AANR clubs you will find very friendly people of all ages enjoying nude recreation in a secure atmosphere. You are accepted for who you are on the inside, not how you look on the outside. People who enjoy nude recreation develop a healthy body image, which builds self- esteem. You may participate in social activities, or relax around the pool until you feel comfortable. Any uncertainty you initially feel should be gone quickly.  The freedom of nudity is an amazing feeling.

What does it mean by Non-Landed and Landed Clubs?

  • Non-Landed Clubs: (also called travel clubs) are social nudity clubs that don’t own or lease grounds. The members hold their events in private homes, somewhere in their community, or at outdoor locations. Sometimes they travel together. Travel clubs often get discounts when visiting AANR facilities (landed clubs).

    Landed Clubs: Are resorts with their own grounds. They are private or cooperatively owned or leased by club members.Northern California Exposure is a Non-Landed club.

What kind of events does NCE have to offer?NCE may meet at member’s homes, a landed club, at outdoor locations, or other venues.  Activities depend on what is available, but could include BBQ, karaoke, potlucks, swimming, hot tubs, wine tasting, ‘Mai Tai’ parties, holiday parties, and other theme events.  We also sponsor day or overnight trips to landed clubs, beaches, and campsites.  Some events may be coordinated with other nudist organizations.