Membership is open to couples, families and single adults who agree with the goals and mission of the club and agree to abide by the club guidelines.

Prospective members not known to any current members must attend a clothed orientation meeting prior to being permitted to attend a nude event. Prospective members may be invited by current members to attend events as a guest. The current member shall accept responsibility for the behavior of their guests. All prospective members shall be given an orientation packet at the first meeting. This packet will include general club goals, guidelines and other relevant information.

All prospective members must attend at least 3 nude events before their membership application may be voted on. Prospective members who are not accepted as club members shall not be welcome at club events, after the vote is taken, unless the decision is later overturned.

Children may not become members. However, they are welcome to attend events with their parents or other authorized guardian.

If you are interested in membership and met the above criteria click here for Additional Membership Information.