Northern California Exposure (NCE) is a family oriented non-landed group of social nudists affiliated with the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR).

Members of this organization believe in the wholesomeness and natural beauty of the human body. We view nudism as a natural state and believe that nudity is healthy and acceptable for social interaction. We believe nudism results in a positive self image and promotes healthy attitudes towards people as individuals.

Our purpose is to promote social nudism and provide a safe, comfortable environment where families may participate in and enjoy nude recreational and social activities.

Membership is open to couples, families and single adults who agree with the goals and mission of the club and agree to abide by all club guidelines.

We believe that we have the right to practice social nudism in appropriate settings, provided that we do not infringe on the RIGHTS OF OTHERS…

If you came to this site looking for provocative and sexually explicit images you do not understand nudism and the purpose and goals of NCE. You will not find these things here and are not welcome at our events or as a member. If you would like more information about us click on our Membership link.